Escort boss’ wants women clients

Anthony Desmondos, who runs the UK’s third-largest escort agency, has told he wants to grow by signing up more female clients – including the 100 he already does in a year.

He explained: ‘I’ve been London escorts business since late 2014 and some of the clients I’ve had already in London are now referring my agency to their friends from all over the world.

‘I’ve been contacted more than 100 times in the past week so you can see that I’m starting to pick up a new type of client. Some escorts are definitely disappearing and by the sound of it the old style ‘vice girl’ is becoming rarer. But my clients are looking for a woman that’s trying new things, so I would say that my girls are the number one choice for most clients.

To sustain his business, he travels to exotic destinations all over the world.

Desmondos, who lives in Surrey with his wife Masha, also conducts a monthly pen pal service so that his current and past relationships can be shared, and every December he takes time off and checks in with his current and past clients in far flung locations around the world.

‘The escorts at his agency spend a week with a particular client, or this month with two different clients I’m hoping that they don’t fall in love all over again and you know, maybe end leaving my firm.

Numerous emails sent to escort agencies around the world in recent months have suggested that clients – and agencies – are increasingly looking for younger female escorts instead of older.

A September 2018 survey conducted by the UK agency Argyle Escorts revealed a 31 per cent rise in male female clients.

The figures from Argyle Escorts also revealed that female clients spend more, between £200-750 a night while male clients may spend less depending on their income.

Given the ongoing changes in the world of sex work, Desmondos’s best advice to would-be clients is to be careful.

‘It’s all very permissive about sex nowadays. A woman can do anything she wants, so for me at least it’s important to be careful.

‘In my experience there was some red flags with certain clients and unfortunately I haven’t caught them in a long time.’

Mr Desmondos became interested in the escort business during a holiday in the States when he decided to entertain the idea.

Eighteen months later, he started acting as the personal assistant of a man in Florida and when they returned to London he was offered his own agency. Since then he has done over 3,000 marketing and publicity missions around the world, and 300 other sexual appearances.

Desmondos has appeared in Channel 4’s My Secret Life and Flog It! and has made five million British pounds over the past two years, making him the UK’s third largest escort agency.